Hema Navigator 7 vs VMS Touring 700HD X

Technical Stuff:

Feature Hema HN7 Hema HX-1 VMS T700HD X
Screen Size 7" 7" 7"
Street Navigation iGo Primo iGo Primo Plus iGo Primo
Street Navigation Mapping NAVTEQ Q3 2016 NAVTEQ Q1 2016 SENSIS 2016.03
Timed School Zone warnings Yes Yes Yes
CAMPS8 locations Yes with features Yes with features No
Free Camp Site locations No No Yes
mSD card size 8GB (16GB GPSOZ Bonus) up to 32GB not included 32GB
Off-road Maps Hema
NSW, Vic, Qld or WA 1:25K Topo Maps
(GPSOZ bonus)
on 16GB card
150K, Cape York, Fraser Island,
Kimberley, High Country Victoria
 and Great Desert Tracks
HERE Street and Terrain mapping
VMS, Gregory & Westprint
NSW 1:25K Topo
Qld 1:25K Topo
Vic 1:25K topo
WA 1:25K Topo
Off-road Navigation OziExplorer (full license)
EziOzi interface
Hema Explorer VMS Off-Road
12/24v charger Yes Yes Yes
Case, mount Yes, Yes Yes, Yes Yes, Yes
240v Charger No No Yes
Street Map Updates 2 years included
via download
(Windows PC required)
3 years included
via Wi-Fi
5 years included
via download
(Windows PC required)
Offroad Map Updates $75 per time Unlimited
Wi-Fi download
not specified
Reverse Camera Input yes no yes
Windows PC software included not available not available
Wi-Fi/Camera no/no yes/yes no/no
RRP $549 $699 $549
(limited time)


GPSOZ testing shows:      
Battery life 1-1.25 hours 5-6 hours 3-4 hours
Screen readability very good very good good
Route Calculation Times   40% faster than VMS 26-35% faster than HN7
Route Calculation options sealed/dirt/4WD tracks sealed/dirt/4WD tracks sealed/dirt/4WD tracks
Power up time 22 secs 25 secs 9 secs
Street Navigation startup time 16 secs 4 secs 18 secs
Off Road Navigation
startup time
14 secs 4 secs 5.6 secs

Non Technical Stuff:

The VMS unit offers better value for money, more street maps updates, 240v charger, more topo maps, lower RRP
Hema HN7 includes CAMPS8 locations
Hema HN7 includes their own Hema maps so if you have their printed maps or atlases the combination of paper and electronic maps works extremely well.

If you are a dedicated 4WDriver and often do short weekend trips in your backyard then the VMS is a good choice.

If you are more touring orientated (dare I say Grey Nomad) or going away for that annual 4 week trip to say Cape York or the Simpson,  then the Hema would be a good choice.

But we, GPSOZ complicate the issue by including a state topo map for those weekend trips with the Hema HN7.

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